Assignment #3: The Portrait - July 12th, 2005

Make a portrait of the model we provide. Photos must be taken in the Pop Photo Studio. You may use any equipment or props that are in the studio, along with anything you may wish to add. You must not do anything to impede the work of the photographers who follow.

Each photographer will be given a 2- hours window in which to work - 1 hour to setup and 1 hour working with the model.

Submit up to 3 images from this assignment by 8:45am, Wednesday, July 13th, 2005.



Vivian is a gorgeous and wonderful model. She can move from one elegant pose to another easily. Working with her is a delight. We chatted for a bit and I sincerely wanted to get to know her, so that I understand what type of poses or colors will compliment her. Initially, she was uncomfortable with the idea of a real butterfly resting on her. However, after knowing that I will ensure that it is safe, she went along. I informed her that if she doesn't want it, I am completely OK and we can do something else.

We went with a Malay Lacewing Butterfly (Cethosia hypsea hypsina). This species of butterfly are found mostly in Malaysia, where I came from.

Vivian's makeup was light and delightful, she has such a beautiful face profile. I just had to make sure that is seen by the world. This image uses analogous color scheme. If you notice, The background and even the hair is analogous to the colors of the butterfly.


Teal Beauty

I searched high and low in the Popular Photography studio and offices for a frosted glass for this image. I wanted the colors of the frosted glass and the background to compliment the color of her eye shadow. I also liked reflections of her on the frosted glass. Beneath the glass is a piece of green background paper that I torn off from Pop Photo's supply. ;)



This image of Vivian submerged in water is done mostly in photoshop. Use of the flood filter and replacing the background entirely using advanced masking is just a few of many tricks I employed. Unfortunately, by the time I started working on this image, it was already 5am in the morning and the handoff for this assignment was 8:45am and I had to wake up at 7am. With little time left, I just completed this as is without more work done on it. :-(

  Copyright 2005 Michael Soo, Soo Photography. All rights reserved.