Assignment #2: The Watermelon - July 12th, 2005

Impress us with a photo of this watermelon.

Submit up to 3 images from this assignment by 8:45am, Wednesday, July 13th, 2005.


What can you do with a big fat melon?!

It took me half a day to think about how to shoot a watermelon. I shot the portrait (Assignment #3) this morning and now I have to shoot a watermelon. This was QUITE a difficult task since my creativity was pretty drained by then. One attempt that I did was to shrink the melon so that it look a bit unyieldly odd. I was the model. As you can tell on the right, it failed miserably. I think it may be caused by the model and not the melon. What do I know?! *shrug* This was shot in the hotel room next to the window.

Then subconciously, I might have thought about the alka-seltzer shot done by Popular Photography a few months back and I will try to recreate it. Dragging the 15lbs watermelon, my bag of camera and a 80lbs lugguage from my hotel towards Popular Photography's studio, which is 5 blocks away, nearer to Times Square, I stopped by a few store to buy a bag of ice, a few bottles of soda water and red wine. Altoghether, I must have dragged over 120lbs of equipment with me. That 5 blocks was the longest 5 blocks I've ever walked in my entire life. So, John & Pop Photo staff, if I am not in the next Photographer of the Year contest next year, make sure the photographers will get an assignment that require them to shoot not one, but three watermelons together. *evil grin*


Melons in Bubbles

As Philip opened the studio door for me, he told me that he'll be shutting the studio down at 7pm. Peering at my watch, it was already 6:05pm. I only had 55 minutes to make 2-3 decent shots of this nasty melon that is now plaguing my life. I setup my equipment, cut a small piece of the melon out, making sure not to ruin the entire melon as I'll need it later, and pop them into a vase full of soda water and shoot away.



If you are thinking, "Bah! He photoshopped the smoke into this shot," you are dead wrong. These are real beautiful smoke that wraps around the melon sitting on a bucket of ice.


Sexy melon!

I had ideas of photographing the melon in bed, how sexy it would look, etc. I just can't pinpoint a good way to do this! I tried this (image on right) where I warped the melon to look like a sexy body. It worked kinda OK but is kinda bland. I also tried various things like half covering the melon in silk, etc. But the resulting image just doesn't turn me on in the way I wanted it to be. So...



Fruity Affair

This probably is the most popular shot that gets people going. Is it the suggestiveness of it? The sexy blue light? The wonderful window view of New York City skyline? A small side table showing that they are in a hotel room? The soft Egyptian cotton sheets with the goose down pillows? You be the judge.

I knew I wanted a shot of these two lovers in bed. I also know I wanted a window view of New York City to show how sexy it was. I rushed across Hudson River after twilight towards Liberty State Park. The subway of New York looks dreary and going from Upper-Mid town New York across Hudson was a long, ardous trip by itself but this pre-visualized conceptual idea has been in my head for a little over an hour now and it's growing to such gigantic size that drives my very being to do whatever I can to fulfill it. I got home a little after midnight and put the shots together. I had to severely darken the skyline as it isn't the main subject here. I also had to make a glassy distorted look to the skyline, darken the top and bottom to bring the subject closer to you, bringing you..."Fruity Affair". Enjoy.

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