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Canon EOS 20D

Like a teenager workings of the top-gun Canon 1D Mark II at 50% off the price, this camera does everything and more of any camera of its class. Ability to capture 5fps and faster focus makes this camera an amazing tool for the professional photographer.

Chambercommerce 0390 01 The Sierras Endangered Green Turtle Paroaria Coronata of Oahu Sailor Moon Boat Dance Zen of Measures Sand Tufa All or Nothing - Photographer of the Year 2005 series Juvenile Red-Crested Cardinal Salmon Avocado Mauna Kea Observatories Steve Madden: Anabelle - Natural Fabric Blossoming Sunset Herald of Light Polynesian Dance - Hula Trianaei Curves Shankar, rosin up your bow - 2nd Place in Fred Miranda Contest EleganaHandCraft.Com
Photography by Michael Soo" class="ee_css_thumb_link">Celebration of Blossoms<br><br><font size=+1><a href=EleganaHandCraft.Com
Photography by Michael Soo" class="ee_css_thumb" />
Union St Sicily Frozen Bill Portrait of a Cardinal Dining Table Party Platter Img 5141 The Market Waits for No Man - Photographer of the Year 2005 series Enshrouded Oakville Light Sashimi Polynesian Dance - Tonga Cymbidium Street Hawk Red-Crested Cardinal on a branch Petals of Affection Spices 1 - Background Sample Polynesian Dance - Hula Designer Swimwear by Theory Life on Volcanic Soil Wedding Album - page 8/9 Oakville's Sunrise Chambercommerce 0263 01 Pigeon Point Light Station B&W Steve Madden: Saddle - Green Suede Flamenco Nights Veil of the Sentinel Purple Dreams December 2005 Cover Shot Manhattan View The Audience Cheers - Photographer of the Year 2005 series 300 food
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