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Canon EOS 20D

Like a teenager workings of the top-gun Canon 1D Mark II at 50% off the price, this camera does everything and more of any camera of its class. Ability to capture 5fps and faster focus makes this camera an amazing tool for the professional photographer.

Ethan & Grandma Dreaded Seven - 4th Place in CSLR Challenge #34 Broken Window Polynesian Dance Strolling along the white sand beach - 12th Place in CSLR Challenge #31 Jetties at Dawn Soda: Boil - Chocolate Chambercommerce 0031 01 Ripples The Market Waits for No Man - Photographer of the Year 2005 series Sway of Coconut Trees Fire on Fire Juvenile Red-Crested Cardinal Gliding the Textured Sea Mango Mojito Falling Rocks EleganaHandCraft.Com
Photography by Michael Soo" class="ee_css_thumb_link">Reflective Beauty<br><br><font size=+1><a href=EleganaHandCraft.Com
Photography by Michael Soo" class="ee_css_thumb" />
Waxy Monkey Frog Rocket Dog: Fuzzy - Suede Black Multi-expressions of Superboy Superbikes Green Tea NASA Infrared & Canada-France-Hawaii Optical Telescope State of Water December 2005 Cover Holding the Petal Excelsis A Measure of Moments Aunt Sin Foong, Uncle Tan & Mom Feb 2009 - 50mm pg 52/53 Fog over SF Sand Tufa Aunt Sin Foong & Uncle Tan Maguro Nigiri Red Hot Manhattan Tinder Spark Floating Rays of Heaven - 1st Place in CSLR Challenge #34 Fashion by Salvatore Ferragamo Valley Fog Boat Dance Herald of Light Fires of Winter Cymbidium Street Hawk Teal Beauty - Photographer of the Year 2005 series Yin Yang in B&W Genesis 19:26 - ...and she became a pillar of salt Ballet of the Flame Sewing Machine Bulk Teabags Morning Swim
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