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Canon EOS 20D

Like a teenager workings of the top-gun Canon 1D Mark II at 50% off the price, this camera does everything and more of any camera of its class. Ability to capture 5fps and faster focus makes this camera an amazing tool for the professional photographer.

Shattered Ice 100% crop Engagement Feb 2009 Cover White Mountain Portrait of a Cardinal Ornate Horned Frog Lunch Varietal - Photographer of the Year 2005 series Depression Among the Flowers Straight Ahead Boat Dance Oakville Light Flight above Stormy Seas Dominus Estate - Christian Moueix and Napanook SF Skyline Polynesian Dance Rainy Wednesday - Photographer of the Year 2005 series Mauna Kea Observatories Pigeon Point Light Station B&W Among the Stars Veil of the Sentinel Mandalay Bay Daisy Garden Casual Wear Honolulu at Twilight Falling Rocks Sundial Bridge Mango Mojito Peet's Tea Labels Frozen Over Pretty in Pink Maguro Nigiri Green Tea Kim Cartmill, President Pele's tear Peet's Tea Labels California Kelp Chambercommerce 0250 01 December 2005 Cover EleganaHandCraft.Com
Photography by Michael Soo" class="ee_css_thumb_link">Angelic Moments<br><br><font size=+1><a href=EleganaHandCraft.Com
Photography by Michael Soo" class="ee_css_thumb" />
Fires of Winter Enshrouded Jetty View Scent of Lavenders Gliding the Textured Sea Guardians of White Mountain Polynesian Dance Img 5065 Mangos Duckling in Hand
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